A Blood Stained White Collar

A Blood Stained White Collar

"My name is Calder Holloway and I get even with people. It's what I do.
I'm not talking about leveling the score with a bully on the playground or some high school football star that picks on pimple-faced dorks in the bathroom. The stakes aren't high enough and frankly, it doesn't pay the rent.
But let's face it, high school bears striking resemblance to the adult world, except without all the pimples, exams, and awkward group showers after gym class. In both worlds you got rich folks and poor folks, smarties and dummies, popularity contests and cliques, winners and losers, the weak and the strong. And just like high school there are takers; people who steal by force or deception without regard for those they've taken from.
So I find them, track them down and take it back. If I can't get it back, then I get even. "

-- Excerpt from the novel

My novella, "A Blood Stained White Collar" was inspired by my own day job working in the banking industry. More and more my job involves trying to keep hackers from stealing other people's money. One day I was joking with some co-workers that it would be cool to find where these people were, drive to their house and punch them in the throat for being so annoying.

Thus Calder Halloway was born.

This novella will be available for purchase on Amazon in the Spring of 2017, so keep checking here for updates!

The Story

Calder Halloway is a man who gets even with people for a living. Not for the petty sort of squabbles of everyday life. There's not enough money in that. Instead he works for the unlikeliest of clients: Bank CEOs. That's right.

He's in Bank Collections.

Calder and his team of misfits work contracts for banks against people who steal their money. Recently returned from a job in the Ukraine, he's given a contract that takes him to a college dorm, and an abandoned research facility posing as a warehouse. But instead of finding the hackers who stole the bank's money, he stumbles into a nightmare.

Calder is a man who wears many faces, doing a job he couldn't tell his mother about. It's not a glamorous life, but someone's got to do it. Where can you find him?


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