Basilisk Book 1

Basilisk Book #1

"James Whitmore is the most dangerous serial killer the American people have never heard of."
--excerpt from Special Agent Murphy's operational report to Management

The Story

Basilisk is the story of James Whitmore, a young man born with a supernatural and terrifying ability to extinguish the life of those around him with a single thought. His inability to control this gift as a child has caused the deaths of every person he ever loved. Imprisoned in a secret military facility without trial for the safety of the American people, James is approached by Agent Murphy - a brilliant, ambitious young woman who is the director of a government think tank tasked with a single complicated problem to solve: The untraceable assassination of foreign national political leaders.

As the spokesperson for the elusive and faceless organization known only as "Management", Agent Murphy believes James' gift is the answer to this problem. He alone has mastered the ability to murder while leaving absolutely no physical evidence and is the key to assassinating foreign leaders in such a way as to not link the deaths to the US at all.

However, James has sworn never to use his ability again because of its terrible personal price: each time he kills he is forced to live the experiences and keep the memories of those he has killed from the instant he kills them until they were destined to die by fate. Haunted by their memories, tormented by the echoes of their stolen lives James passes the time of his miserable existence in solitary confinement anxious for the death he knows he deserves.

In spite of all of her best efforts, the promise of freedom and pardon, Agent Murphy is unable to offer anything to entice James to undertake this dangerous assignment. That is until, in a final desperate attempt to sway him, she promises the one thing he cannot provide himself: His own death.

Throughout his journey James must face terrible trials, both physical and emotional. He must come to grips with his own past, and the memories of those he has killed. He is forced to confront the difficult moral dilemmas that accompany no win situations, and doing "Bad" things to accomplish supposedly "Good" objectives. In the end James discovers that only by confronting and defeating his own demons can he learn the true meaning of his gift and why he was cursed with it.

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