An American’s guide to World Cup pt2

This is part 2 in my guide for Americans who hate soccer, and everything else lovely and wonderful in the world.


2: Learn the dark drama, background, and dirty players of the World Cup's organizers FIFA.

Nothing can pique the interest of the average American like the great gossip of rumors, corruption, money and intrigue. Knowing a little of the past dramas of anything make it immensely more interesting and FIFA is no exception.

From Corruption, scandal, payoffs, bribery, to supporting the last legal Slave state in the world FIFA has it all. It's like a circus of dirty rich people selling their souls for strips of green covered paper.

Recently John Oliver did a segment on his show: "Last week tonight" that covers the dirty little secrets of FIFA in an informative and hilarious way. I highly recommend you check it out, and see why nearly every football fan (myself included) is so conflicted about loving this, the greatest of world sporting competitions.

Check it out here:

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