New Blog Category for Old Movie Reviews

As the title states, I have created a new blog category for "Old Movie Reviews".

What is that?

Occasionally I will write up a Blog post entry and review an old movie. By old, I mean something that is at least a year old, possibly more. All of us remember those old movies we watched as a kid and grew up loving. From time to time, we happen to see these movies playing in the middle of a Saturday afternoon on some low ranking cable television channel and we sit enthralled for hours as we watch movies that now horrify us in their quality, but we remember with such warm and glowing nostalgia.

The more 'Cringeworthy' the better I say. 

I remember as a senior in high school watching the film "Con-Air" with Nicholas Cage. Back then I thought it was incredible. It probably even made me cry. I mean here was a totally awesome marine dude, just trying to do the right thing, gets busted, labeled a deadly weapon, then thrown in prison, all the while his young pregnant wife carries their baby who is later born and does not even know her own father. What an incredible story.

Then I watched it as an adult. 

I think the highlight of that movie for me, as an adult, has to be when the rugged and wild eyed Nick Cage, looks down at Bubba Gump and says: "I'm gonna show you there IS a God!" Then with a rough neck swagger and deadly gleam in his eye, he stalks down the length of the plane while the real criminals unload their guns at him in fear. So shocked into fear are they, that in spite of him being unarmed and their being armed to the teeth, they fail to hit him more than one time, which, as it turns out, is nothing more than a minor flesh wound to his sweaty upper bicep.

I'm sure as a High School male this moment really resonated with me. Like I said, I might have even shed an adolescent angst ridden tear or two. But as an older, more mature adult, I must say the poignancy really fell flat.

Therefore, I have created this Blog category so that you can share in those moments of wild childhood abandon. Perhaps you will be inspired to grab an old movie or two off the shelf (or netflix), sit down under a blanket with a fresh bowl of popcorn and cringe and shiver at bad special effects, weak dialogue, and corny plots.

Join me won't you?

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