Collectionist Freebie

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for signing up! As a special gift for you this Halloween, you can download a free copy of my novella "The Collectionist" below.

To make things easier I have bundled all three major versions of the sample chapter into a single zip file. {.mobi (Kindle) .ePub (iPad & Kobo) and .pdf (PC/Mac)} Simply download it following the instructions below.

Thanks again for joining my mailing list. I hope you enjoy this freebie. I'll keep you up to date on announcements regarding my other works coming out soon!

Download Instructions


Download the zip file. It contains all three versions of the novella(.pdf, .epub, .mobi). The Collectionist download


Extract the zip file using a tool like winzip or 7zip.


Select the type of file you want based on your preferred reader. Remember if you prefer Kindle you'll want the .mobi file. iPad and Kobo, you'll want the .ePub. PC readers want the .pdf


If you're using a kindle or iPad you will want to manually add the file to your library first. Here's a link to help you load a kindle or a nook. Here's a link to show you how to add an ePub to your iPad.